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A 47 year old man with chronic hepatitis C was treated with interferon alfa, 3 million units three times a week, and anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie widespread plaque psoriasis within weeks of starting interferon therapy. There was no previous history of psoriasis. The psoriasis was characterised by extensive nail involvement and plaques at the interferon injection sites. The anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie relapsed after a total of 12 months of interferon and was subsequently treated with interferon and tribavirin ribavirin with click the following article of the psoriasis.

Interferon alfa is a naturally occurring glycoprotein anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie an immune modulating agent anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie is used in the treatment of several medical conditions including hepatitis B and C.

There have been reports of exacerbations of autoimmune conditions after the therapeutic use of interferon. Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie present a patient who had no previous history of psoriasis, but presented with extensive psoriasis shortly after starting interferon treatment for chronic hepatitis C. Interferon was continued despite persisting active source. A 47 year old white man was found to have hepatitis C infection after presenting with abnormal liver function tests.

There was a history of intravenous drug use 15 years previously. There was no past history of skin disease anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie family history anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie psoriasis. He was treated with interferon alfa-2a Schering-Plough at a dose of 3 million units MU three times a week, and received a total of anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie months of treatment.

His transaminase levels reverted to normal and serum hepatitis C virus RNA was not detected while on treatment. more info was initially well tolerated, but three months after starting treatment he presented with severe psoriasis affecting the entire body and scalp. Nail changes were particularly anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie and click to see more were plaques of psoriasis over his injection sites anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie 1 and 2.

Severe nail dystrophy associated with psoriasis induced by interferon. The patient was very keen to continue interferon, despite the psoriasis, in view of his apparent good response to treatment. The psoriasis settled completely after stopping interferon, but the hepatitis C relapsed with the PCR test becoming positive six anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie after cessation of treatment. He subsequently received a combination of interferon alfa-2a, 3 MU three times a week, and tribavirin ribavirin mg daily with widespread recurrence of the psoriasis, again requiring topical preparations and PUVA treatment.

Interferon is now licensed for the treatment of several conditions including chronic hepatitis C. Moderate cutaneous reactions during treatment with interferon alfa are relatively common and include itching, urticaria, dryness, and hair loss. InQuesada and Gutterman reported three cases of psoriasis aggravated by interferon alfa which was used in the treatment of disseminated malignant disease. In the cases reported in the literature exacerbations of psoriasis usually anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie between one and six weeks anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie initiation of treatment with interferon but could occur as long as six months after starting interferon treatment.

In the majority of cases anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie psoriasis continued to deteriorate while on anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie leading to discontinuation of treatment. Withdrawal of interferon leads to an improvement in psoriasis and the close temporal relationship between the onset of psoriasis and interferon alfa treatment anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie that the drug may act as a triggering agent.

The mechanisms by which interferon may cause a flare up of psoriasis are unclear but could involve an interaction between interferon and other cytokines. The unusual features in this patient included the lack of anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie previous history or family history of psoriasis, the extensive nail involvement, and the active plaques around the injection sites.

We were able to continue interferon treatment despite the extensive psoriasis, which was treated with topical agents and PUVA therapy. This case demonstrates that anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie may be induced or aggravated by anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie treatment for chronic hepatitis C and patients who are known to have psoriasis should be warned about this before starting treatment.

Psoriasis anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie improves when interferon is discontinued, but it is possible to continue interferon during a flare-up of psoriasis if the skin is treated actively. We thank the Drug Information Centre, Leicester Royal Infirmary for information on CSM reports. You will be able to get a quick price and instant permission to reuse the content in many different ways.

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Search for this keyword. Latest Content Current issue Archive Authors About. Close More Main menu Latest Content Current issue Archive Authors About. Log in via Institution. Article Text Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie info Citation Tools Share Responses Article go here Alerts. Extensive psoriasis induced by interferon alfa anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie for chronic hepatitis C.

C Taylor aD A Burns bM J Wiselka a a Leicester Royal Infirmary, Infirmary Square, Leicester LE1 5WW, UK: Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine, b Department of Dermatology Dr Wiselka e-mail: Abstract A 47 year old man with chronic hepatitis Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie was treated with interferon alfa, 3 million anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie three times a week, and developed widespread plaque psoriasis within weeks of starting anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie therapy.

Case report A 47 year old white man was found to have hepatitis C infection after presenting with abnormal liver function tests.

Figure 1 Severe nail dystrophy associated with psoriasis induced by interferon. Figure 2 Plaques of psoriasis overlying interferon injection sites. Http:// Interferon is now licensed for the treatment of several conditions including chronic hepatitis C. Acknowledgments We thank the Drug Information Centre, Leicester Royal Infirmary for information on CSM reports.

OpenUrl CrossRef PubMed Web of Science. Ronnblom LAlm GOberg K Autoimmunity anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie alpha interferon therapy for malignant carcinoid tumour. Ann Intern Med Ronnblom LAlm GOberg K Autoimmunity after alpha Psoriasis von Chichagova und Behandlung therapy for malignant carcinoid tumours during interferon alpha treatment. OpenUrl PubMed Web of Science.

Pauluzzi PKokelj FPerkan Vet al. Report of two cases. Acta Derm Venereol Quesada JRGutterman JU Psoriasis and alpha interferon. Hartmann FVon Wussow PDeicher H Psoriasis-Exazerbation anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie therapie mit alpha-interferon. Dtsch Med Wochenschr Garcia-Lora ETercedor JMassare Eet al.

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Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie

A case with a rare hereditary disease — tuberous sclerosis - is described. Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie addition to skin involvement, the disease is characterized by congenital epidermal dysplasia involvement of the nervous system, organ of vision, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and other organs and systems.

The authors emphasize the importance of complete examinations of these patients with anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie for the probable visceral involvement. EXPRESSION OF T-CADHERIN IN KERATINOCYTES AND VESSELS OF EPITHELIAL TUMORS OF THE SKIN.

The expression of T-cadherin was studied in normal skin, in psoriasis, epithelial benign and malignant tumors of the skin. In normal skin T-cadherin was expressed anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie epidermal basal cells. Basal expression was also detected in psoriasis, actinic keratosis, keratoacanthoma, and surface basiloma.

The reply Ceftriaxon bei Psoriasis image of T-cadherin was signifi cantly lower in malignant tumor cells infi ltrative basiloma, metatypical and squamous cell cancer. The clinical picture and periods of remission indicated the effi ciency of therapy. Errors in the early diagnosis of pemphigus seborrheicus at are described.

Delayed beginning of adequate treatment aggravates the subsequent disease course and can promote transformation of pemphigus seborrheicus into pemphigus anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie. Dexamethasone is recommended as a total systems corticosteroid for the treatment of pemphigus seborrheicus. A rare clinical case, interesting for a practicing dermatologist.

Warts are benign formations of the skin, caused by human papillomaviruses. The effi ciency of various treatments are discussed. Experience gained with intrafocal interferon therapy of relapsing warts is presented. This treatment is recommended as a method of choice for relapsing warts of the palms and soles, multiple vulgar warts, particularly located by the nails. Psoriatic and atherosclerotic plaques anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie analyzed by the real time polymerase chain reaction.

The expression of matrix metalloprotease genes MMP-2 and MMP-9 was changed in psoriatic anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie and anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie atherosclerotic vessels in comparison with intact specimens.

Individual analysis for each patient showed that the level of MMP-2 gene expression in anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie skin was lower in comparison with the control in the majority of patients, while its level in atherosclerotic plaques was higher than normally.

The probable key role of MMP-9 gene in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and atherosclerosis is hypothesized. Anticytokine therapy Neue Methode zur Behandlung anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie psoriasis forms was carried anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie in an inpatient anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie. Infl iximab and ustekinumad were used in 8 and 2 patients, respectively.

One patient developed an anaphylactic reaction in response to infl iximab. Ustekinumab opens new vistas in therapy for severe psoriasis forms and is a fi rst-line drug in anticytokine therapy, including cases with infl iximab intolerance or ineffi ciency.

Low-dose cytostatic in combination with UVB nm phototherapy was used for the treatment of anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie with severe forms of psoriasis vulgaris. Combined drug and physiotherapy proved to be highly effective and safe. CHANGES IN THE LEVELS OF MOLECULES MEDIATING LYMPHOCYTE MIGRATION Just click for source Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie SKIN IN PSORIASIS PATIENTS.

The mechanisms of anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie migration anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie the skin in psoriasis were studied in 22 patients.

The study was carried anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie on biopsy specimens from patients with disease progress and regression stages. The sections were stained by immunohistochemical methods with monoclonal antibodies to CD45, CD99, CD, and matrix metalloprotease The derma was profusely infi ltrated by lymphocytes expressing these markers during the progressive stage of psoriasis.

Positively stained cells were found by the vessels and as groups of cells and individual cells in the papillary and reticular layers and near the epidermis. The number anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie positively anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie cells reduced during the disease regression.

Care of the skin with acne vulgaris in adolescent age is described. The mechanism of action of Exfoliac topical means is described in detail and algorithm of care of the skin in anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie with acne vulgaris and problematic fatty skin is suggested. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF METHODS FOR TREATMENT OF ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA BY A COMBINATION OF Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie HYALURONATE AND PHYSICAL FACTORS.

The effects of zinc hyaluronate electroporation ZHE and ZHE in combination with pulsed photostimulatory therapy on hair growth were studied. Hair growth was evaluated in androgen-dependent zones over the course of treatment 1 and 4 months after it. Trichological examinations of patients included evaluation of morphometric values: Zink anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie administered by electroporation caused anagen hair growth, stimulated the compactness and thickness of hairs in patients with androgenic alopecia.

Addition of wide-band pulsed phototherapy improved signifi cantly the results of treatment. Combination of ZHE and wide-band pulsed photostimulatory therapy can be used in the treatment of patients with androgenic anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie. A year-old patient suffering from the disease is described.

The diagnosis was confi rmed by ultrasonic examination of the skin, which detected thickening of the subcutaneous fat, dilatation of the lymph vessels, and moderate arterial hypervascularization.

POTENTIALITIES OF ESTHETIC CORRECTION OF THE FACE BY BOTULOTOXIN A IN COMPLEX WITH HEMAGGLUTININ. Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie clinical trials of a Russian botulotoxin A relatox and botox for correction of the mimic muscles and blepharospasm were carried out on volunteers 94 with mimic wrinkles and 26 with blepharospasm. The safety and therapeutic effi ciency of the drugs were compared. Both drugs exhibited comparable high effi ciency and safety and Salbe für vulgaris reactogenic activity.

The effect of anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie was somewhat more pronounced anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie its anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie effect more lasting than that of botox. A clinical case with bullous dactylitis is described and relevant publications are reviewed.

MODERN DIAGNOSIS OF GONOCOCCAL INFECTION AND INCIDENCE OF GONORRHEA IN THE KRASNOYARSK REGION. The incidence of gonococcal infection in the Krasnoyarsk region is discussed. A total of patients with gonorrhea were recorded over The anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie was The disease was the most incident in subjects aged years.

A comparative analysis of methods for laboratory diagnosis of gonococcal infection, used at the Krasnoyarsk Territorial Center for Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, was carried out. The main theories of chronic prostatitis development are discussed. Each factor is characterized in brief.

Sexually transmitted infections play the key role. Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie of microorganisms in prostatic tissue and secretions in numerous studies supports the infectious theory. However, the pathological process in the organ is maintained for a long time under certain conditions: OPTIMIZATION OF ALGORITHM OF DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT Anticytokine Psoriasis-Therapie CHRONIC RELAPSING CERVICITIS.

A total of young nulliparous women planning pregnancy were examined. Analysis of their case histories showed frequent relapses of chlamydial and mycoplasmic infections of the urogenital tract. An approach to choice of diagnostic and therapeutic methods has been developed.

How To Naturally Treat Psoriasis

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