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Gebiet der Erfindung Field of the Invention. Stand der Technik State of the art. The age-related wrinkling is caused by the degradation of various macromolecules such as elastin and collagen, are responsible for the elastase.

Also a variety of inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis or UV erythema, can be causally related to an increased concentration of serine proteases, such as elastase bring in the top layers of the skin in connection [see. Der Faltenbildung in der Haut wird in der Regel nicht durch physiologisch wirksame Prinzipien, sondern durch Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea Mittel entgegengewirkt.

The wrinkling of the skin is counteracted usually not physiologically active principles, but by cosmetic products. Many so-called "anti-aging products" contain laden with water or aqueous agents liposomes pass through the fat layer of the skin into the epidermis, where they dissolve gradually and offset by the continuous release of water the skin depressions and regulate the moisture content of the skin.

However, this effect does not Addressing the factors covered, but is only a so-called "repair effect", which also lasts for only a short time. Contrary to this purely cosmetic application of combat psoriasis serve, for example cytostatic agents such as selenium sulfide, cadmium sulfide, Zinkpyrithio- ne or Corti costeroide whose read more effect is based on eg a reduction in the mitotic activity in the basal membrane.

However, due to the known side effects of these substances should not be used over long periods. Auch die Verwendung von speziellen Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea als Mittel gegen die Hautalterung ist aus dem Stand der Technik bekannt.

Also the use of specific polysaccharides as agents against aging of the skin is known from the prior art. The glucan is, however, insoluble in water and can learn more here be formulated only with great difficulty. In the European Patent Application EP-A1 Taito is NEN about the use of glucans reported against viruses. According to the teaching of the two publications DE-A1 Lo mapharm just click for source EP-B1 noise suitable glucans to stimulate Makrophagenakti- tivity.

The subject of the European Patent EP B1 Donzis is the use of water-insoluble. From the prior art, are for smoothing the skin and strengthen the barrier function, either for cosmetic or medical point of view, very different solutions known, respectively, the only solve a part of the object and may additionally be associated with severe side effects. Diese Glucane, bei denen es sich vorzugsweise um Schi- zopyhallan oder Krestin, also Pilzextrakte handelt, haben sich in der Praxis jedoch als nicht ausreichend wirksam erwiesen.

These glucans, which are preferably to ski or zopyhallan Krestin, so mushroom extracts have, however, proved effective in practice to be insufficient. Beschreibung der Erfindung Description of the Invention. Subject of the invention is the use of water-soluble SS 1, 3 glucans which are free of 1, 6 is substantially - linkages are, as active ingredients for the preparation of therapeutic agents for skin treatment and Hautvitalisierung, in particular for the production of agents the same time to counteract skin aging and wrinkling, and erythema and simultaneously stimulates cell growth.

EDAS Psoriasis, it was found that water-soluble. Unter der Bezeichnung Glucane werden Homopolysaccharide auf Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea der Glucose verstanden. The term glucans homopolysaccharides be understood based on glucose.

Insbesondere enthalten die Mittel Glucane, die auf Basis von Hefen der Familie Saccharomyces, speziell Saccharomyces cerevisiae erhalten werden.

In particular, the agents contain glucans which are obtained based on yeasts of the Saccharomyces family, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Glucans of this type are available in technical amounts according to the methods of the prior art. Vorzugsweise werden zur Herstellung der Glucane Glucanasen auf Basis von Trichodermia harzianum eingesetzt.

Preferably the glucans are used glucanases based on Trichodermia harzianum for the preparation. And as far as the production and availability of the glucans contained in the agents, reference is made in full to Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea disclosure of the above-mentioned publication. Gewerbliche Anwendbarkeit Industrial applicability. Typical examples of such agents are skin care products such as anti-wrinkle creams, Anticellulitiscre- Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea or sunscreen lotions and ointments for treating skin disorders such as cradle cap, psoriasis, seborrheic Abstrich oder nicht, seborrhea sicca, seborrhea Oleosa, psoriasis, ichthyosis or UV erythema.

Usually, the water soluble beta-glucans in amounts of from 0. The compositions may also contain mild auxiliaries surfactants, oil components, emulsifiers, superfatting agents, bodying agents, thickeners, polymers, silicone compounds, fats, waxes, stabilizers, biogenic agents, deodorants, anti-dandruff agents, film formers, swelling agents, UV protection factors, antioxidants, inorganic color pigments, hydrotropes, preservatives, insect Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea, self-tanning agents, solubilizers, perfume oils, dyes and the like.

Als Emulgatoren kommen beispielsweise nichtionogene Tenside aus mindestens einer der folgenden Gruppen in Frage: Emulsifiers, for example, nonionic surfactants from at least one Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea the following groups: Ebenfalls geeignet sind Gemische von Verbindungen aus mehreren dieser Substanzklassen; Also suitable are mixtures of compounds from several of these classes.

They are produced in particular by reacting glucose or oligosaccharides with primary alcohols having 8 to 18 carbon atoms. With regard to the glycoside radical, both monoglycosides in which a cyclic sugar radical is glycosidically bonded to the fatty alcohol, and oligomeric glycosides are suitable with a degree of oligomerization up to preferably about. The Oligomensierungsgrad is a statistical average, the typical of such technical products homolog distribution is based.

Furthermore, zwitterionic surfactants can be used as emulsifiers. Zwitterionic surfactants are surface-active compounds which carry at least one quaternary ammonium group Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea at least one carboxylate and one sulfonate group in the molecule. Besonders geeignete zwitterionische Tenside sind die sogenannten Betaine wie die N-Alkyl-N,N- dimethylammoniumglycinate, beispielsweise das Kokosalkyldimethylammoniumglycinat, N-Acyl- aminopropyl-N,N-dimethylammoniumglycinate, beispielsweise das Kokosacyl- aminopropyldimethylammoniumglycinat, und 2-Alkylcarboxylmethylhydroxyethylimidazoline mit jeweils 8 bis 18 C-Atomen in Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea Alkyl- oder Acylgruppe sowie das Kokosacylaminoethyl- hyd roxyethy Icarboxymethyig lycin at.

Particularly suitable zwitterionic surfactants are the betaines, such as N-alkyl-N, N-dimethyl, Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea example cocoalkyldimethylammonium, N-acyl aminopropyl-N, Teer Seife für Haut Psoriasis, for example aminopropyldimethylammoniumglycinat the Kokosacyl- and 2-alkylcarboxymethyl hydroxyethylimidazoline, each having 8 to 18 carbon atoms in the alkyl or acyl group as well as the Kokosacylaminoethyl- hyd roxyethy Icarboxymethyig at lycine.

Particular preference is known under the CTFA name Cocamidopropyl Betaine fatty acid amide derivative. Ebenfalls geeignete Emulgatoren sind ampholytische Tenside. Likewise emulsifiers are ampholytic surfactants. Examples of suitable ampholytic surfactants are N- Alkyiglycine, N-alkyl propionic acids, N-alkyl propionic acids, N-alkyliminodipropionic, N-hydroxyethyl-N-alkylamido, N-alkyltaurines N-alkylsarcosines, 2-alkylamino and alkyl aminoacetic acids containing around 8 to 18 carbon atoms in the alkyl group.

Neben den ampholytischen kommen auch Besides ampholytic come. SPARE BUTT RULE 26 quaternary emulsifiers suitable, those methyl-quaternized of the esterquat type, preferably difatty acid triethanolamine ester salts, being particularly preferred. As greasing agents used substances such as lanolin and lecithin and polyethoxylated thoxylierte or acylated lanolin and lecithin derivatives, monoglycerides and fatty acid, the latter also serving as foam stabilizers.

Als Perlglanzwachse kommen beispielsweise in Frage: Suitable Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea agents are primarily fatty alcohols or hydroxy fatty alcohols having 12 to 22 and preferably 16 to 18 carbon atoms and also partial glycerides, fatty acids or hydroxy. Also suitable are Simethicones, which are mixtures of dimethicones with an average chain length of to Dimethyisi- Loxan units and hydrogenated silicates. A detailed overview of suitable volatile silicones can be Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea in Todd et al.

Biogenic active ingredients are, for example, tocopherol, tocopherol acetate, Tocopherolpal- palmitate, palmitate, retinol, bisabolol, allantoin, phytantriol, panthenol, AHA acids, amino, ceramides, pseudoceramides to understand essential oils, plant extracts and vitamin complexes.

Als Deowirkstoffe kommen zB Antiperspirantien wie etwa Aluminiumchlorhydate in Frage. Suitable deodorizers eg antiperspirants such as aluminum chlorohydrate come into question.

These are colorless, hygroscopic crystals which readily deliquesce in air and which accumulate in the evaporation of aqueous aluminum chloride solutions. Ais other deodorizers are esterase inhibitors. The substances inhibit enzyme activity and thus reduce odor formation. Probably The free acid is released through the cleavage of the citric acid ester, reducing the pH value on the skin, that the enzymes are inhibited. Antibacterial agents which influence the germ flora and perspiration-decomposing bacteria kill or inhibit the growth, may also be present in stick preparations.

Examples include chitosan, phenoxyethanol and Chlorhexidingluco- nat. Weitere geeignete Polymere bzw. Customary film formers are, for example, chitosan, microcrystalline chitosan, quaternized chitosan, vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymers, polymers of acrylic acid rereihe, quaternary "cellulose derivatives, collagen, hyaluronic acid and salts thereof and similar compounds.

Suitable swelling agents for aqueous phases are montmorillonitesclay minerals, Pemulen and alkyl-modified Carbopol types Goodrich. Other suitable polymers and swelling agents can be review by Http:// Under UV light protection factors are understood, for example, at room temperature liquid or crystalline present organic substances light filters which are able to absorb ultraviolet rays and release the absorbed energy in the form of longer-wave radiation, for example heat again.

UVB filters can be oil-soluble or water soluble. As oil-soluble substances are: The UV-A and UV-B filters can of course be used in mixtures. Hierbei zeichnen sich Kombinationen von Octocrylene bzw. Here, combinations of octocrylene or camphor derivatives with butyl Methoxydiben- butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane from exceptionally photostability. Besides the soluble substances mentioned, for this purpose also, insoluble pigments, namely finely dispersed metal oxides or salts.

Examples of suitable metal oxides are in particular zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and also oxides of iron, zirconium, silicon killed, manganese, aluminum and cerium and mixtures thereof.

As salts silicates talcbarium sulfate or zinc stearate can be used. The Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea and salts are used in the form of the pigments for skin-care and skin-protecting emulsions and decorative cosmetics. Die Partikel sollten dabei einen mittleren Durchmesser von weniger als nm, vorzugsweise zwischen 5 und 50 nm und insbesondere zwischen 15 und 30 Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea aufweisen.

The particles should have a mean diameter of less than nm, preferably between 5 and 50 nm and in particular between 15 and 30 nm. They can have a spherical shape, but particles may also be be used, which have an el- soids or otherwise deviates from the spherical shape. In Sonnenschutzmitteln werden bevorzugt sogenannte Mikro- oder Nanopigmente source. In sunscreens called micro- or nanopigments are preferably used.

Vorzugsweise wird mikronisiertes Zinkoxid verwendet. Preferably micronized zinc oxide is used. Further suitable UV light protection factors in the review by P. Finkel in SFW-Journal Ebenfalls geeignet sind pflanzliche Extrakte mit UV-absorbierenden bzw.

Also suitable are plant extracts go here UV absorbing or antioxidant properties. In addition to the primary light protection substances also secondary light protection agents can be used of the antioxidant type, which interrupt the photochemical reaction chain which is triggered when UV radiation penetrates the skin. Http:// improve the flow behavior, such as ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or polyols, hydrotropes, are used.

Polyole, die hier in Betracht kommen, besitzen vorzugsweise 2 bis 15 Kohlenstoffatome und mindestens zwei Hydroxylgruppen. Polyols which are suitable here preferably have 2 to 15 carbon atoms and at least two hydroxyl groups. The polyols may contain additional functional groups, especially amino groups, or be Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea with nitrogen. Typische Beispiele sind Typical examples are. Ais preservatives, Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea example, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde solution, parabens, pentanediol or sorbic acid and the other classes of compounds listed in Appendix 6, Parts A and B of the Cosmetics Regulation are.

Insect repellents N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide, 1, Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea or Insect Repellent eligible, suitable self dihydroxyacetone ceton. Natural fragrances are extracts from flowers lily, lavender, rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylangstems and leaves geranium, patchouli, petitgrainfruits anise, coriander, caraway, juniperfruit peel bergamot, lemon, orangeroots mace, angelica, celery, cardamom, Costus, Iris, Calmuswoods pinewood, sandalwood, guaiac wood, cedarwood, rosewoodherbs and grasses tarragon, lemongrass, sage, thymeneedles and branches spruce, fir, pine, dwarf pineresins and balsams galbanum, elemi, benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, opoponax.

Weiterhin kommen tierische Rohstoffe Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea Frage, wie beispielsweise Zibet und Castoreum. Animal raw materials in question, for example civet and beaver. Typische synthetische Riechstoffverbindungen sind Produkte vom Typ der Ester, Ether, Aldehyde, Ketone, Alkohole und Kohlenwasserstoffe. Typical synthetic fragrance compounds are products of the ester, ether, Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea, ketone, alcohol and hydrocarbon.

Riechstoffverbindungen article source Typ der Ester sind zB Benzyla- cetat, Phenoxyethylisobutyrat, p-tert. Fragrance compounds of the ester type are, for example Benzyla- acetate, phenoxyethyl isobutyrate, p-tert-Butyicyclohexylacetat, Linalylacetat, Dimethylbenzylcarbiny- lacetat, phenylethyl, Linalylbenzoat, benzyl, Ethylmethylphenylglycinat, Allylcyclohe- xylpropionat, Styrallylpropionat and benzyl salicylate.

The ethers include, for example, benzyl ethyl ether, the aldehydes eg the linear alkanals having 8 to 18 carbon atoms, citral, citronellal, cyclamen, hydroxycitronellal, lilial and bourgeonal ketones eg the ionones. Bevorzugt werden jedoch Mischungen verschiedener Riechstoffe verwendet, die gemeinsam eine ansprechende Duftnote erzeugen. However, preferred mixtures of learn more here fragrances which together produce a pleasing fragrance note.

The dyes which are approved and suitable for cosmetic purposes substances may be used, as they are Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea, for example in the publication "Cosmetic Colourants" Commission of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Verlag Chemie, Weinheim,S.

These dyes are normally used in concentrations of 0. Numerous perfumes and essential oils also have antimicrobial properties. Typical examples are the active ingredients eugenol, menthol and thymol in clove, mint and thyme oil. An interesting natural deodorant is the terpene alcohol farnesol 3,7,trimethyl-2, 6, dodecatrien-1 -oiwhich is present in lime blossom click here and lily of the valley odor.

Glycerol monolaurate has also proved to be a bacteriostatic agent. Usually, the proportion of the additional germ-inhibiting agents is normally about 0. Der Gesamtanteil der Hilfs- und Zusatzstoffe kann 1 bis 50, vorzugsweise 5 bis 40 Gew. Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea total amount of auxiliaries and additives may be from 1 to 50, preferably 5 to Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea wt.

A panel consisting of 15 female volunteers between 35 and 50 years of age has been suspended for a period of 28 days a daily exposure with different glucans. Tabelle 1 Table 1. The subjects applied the skin cream every day before bedtime. The resultant-Nisse are summarized in Table 2 below. Example 1 according to the invention, the examples V1 to V7 are for comparison. It is seen that the water-loan SS 1, 3 glucans of the invention which have no 1, 6 linkages, have a higher efficiency than known glucans of the prior art.

Hautalterung und Hautrauhigkeit Skin aging and skin roughness. Try the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google Scholar results, and Japanese and South Korean patents.

Use according to claim 3, characterized in that glucans are used which are obtained by using. Use according to claim 4, characterized in that one uses glucans which have been treated beforehand with glucanases based on Trichodermia harzianum.

Use according to at least one of claims 1 to 5, characterized in that the glucans in amounts of from 0. Kind code of ref document: AU CA CN JP KR NZ US. Country of ref document: Ute GriesbachRolf WachterAchim AnsmannBernd FabryRolf E. BiBTeXEndNoteRefMan. Patent Citations 4Non-Patent Citations 3Referenced by 3Classifications 13Legal Events 6.

Unique bacterial polysaccharide polymer gel in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foods. ZIOLKOWSKY GMBH, AUGSBURG, XP MANSELL P W A: PATENT ABSTRACTS Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea JAPAN vol. A1 Designated state s: Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before

Psoriasis vulgaris (Übersicht) - festival-celle.deer - Enzyklopädie der Dermatologie, Venerologie, Allergologie, Umweltmedizin Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea

R evolution in der Dermatologie. Details folgen auch auf www. Neurodermitis Hautcreme gegen trockene Haut, ohne Cortison, 50g. Zur Behandlung sehr trockener, rissiger oder juckender Haut, z. Die Seife ist angereichert mit Mineralien des Http:// Meeres, Schwefel und schwarzen Schlamm.

BIODERMA hat eine innovative Pflege entwickelt. Atoderm Intensive ist eine aufbauende Pflege, die die here Haut effektiv beruhigt. Sehr trockene, gereizte und zu Neurodermitis neigende Haut ist auf intensive Pflege angewiesen. Linola Urea mit Harnstoff zur Behandlung trockener Haut, z.

Neurodermitis oder Altershaut sowie von Ichthyosen…. Fungal Infection Toenails Home Remedies Herbal Remedies Feet Toe Fungus Nail Fungus Glam Doll Go here Forward. Neurodermitis Therapie, die funktioniert. Fett Cream Ps Html Forward. Es unterscheidet sich von Psoriasis seborrhea Soap Dead Sea Totems Aloe Vera Originals Israel Soaps Forward.

Urea Creme Ps Html Forward.

Stubborn Psoriasis vs TWEEZERS!

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