Patent DEA1 - Cyclische Adhäsionsinhibitoren Cyclic adhesion inhibitors - Google Patentsuche Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb Apr 02,  · IMIDAZOPYRIDINE DERIVATIVES USED AS PHOSPHODIESTERASE VII INHIBITORS atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases, Farb -.

Benzopyranoimidazolone and benzothiopyranoimidazolone derivatives as phosphodiesterase-VII inhibitors useful for treatment of e.g. asthma, psoriasis, osteoporosis, cachexia, sepsis, tumors and AIDS - MERCK PATENT GMBH Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb

Die Erfindung betrifft Verbindungen der Formel I The invention meine Psoriasis Medizin narodnyya Help to compounds of formula I.

Http:// compounds are known for. Example, from EP 0, and EP 0, The Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb had the object of finding novel compounds having wertvol properties, in particular those which can be used for the preparation of medicaments.

It has been found that the compounds of formula I and their salts have very valuable pharmacological properties sitting be well tolerated. Diese Wirkung kann z. This effect can be detected by the method z. By JW Smith et Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb in J. Inhibition of vitronectin binding to receptors was proven experimentally for some representative compounds of formula I. The pharmacological test data are summarized in Table I.

Felding-Habermann und DA Cheresh beschreiben in Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb. Felding-Habermann and DA Cheresh described in Curr. Rosenfeld, RA Reisfeld, T. Klier und DA Cheresh in Cell Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb, beschrieben. The possibility of inhibiting this interaction and so initiating apoptosis programmed cell death of angiogenic vascular cells by a cyclic peptide is described by PC Brooks, AM Montgomery, M.

Klier and DA Cheresh in described Cell 79, The experimental proof that the compounds the attachment of living cells to the corresponding matrix proteins and compounds according to the invention prevent and accordingly also prevent the attachment of tumor cells to matrix proteins has been furnished in a cell adhesion test analogously to the method of F. Cell Sciencewas performed. The pharmacological data are shown in Table II.

PC Brooks et al. The compounds of formula I can therefore be used under suppression of angiogenesis as pharmaceutical active compounds, in particular for the treatment of diseases Tumorerkran, osteoporosis, osteolytic disorders and for.

The compounds of formula I can be employed as antimicrobial substances in operations where biomaterials, implants, catheters or cardiac pacemakers are used. Dabei wirken sie antiseptisch.

They have an antiseptic. The efficacy of the antimicrobial activity can be demonstrated by the of P. Und Zinkpaste Psoriasis salitsilovo- compounds of formula I possess at least one chiral center and can therefore occur in several stereoisomeric forms. Alle Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb Formen z. D- und L-Formen und deren Gemische z. All of these forms eg.

D- and L-forms and their mixtures for. Example the DL forms are included in formula I. The abbreviations mentioned above and below stand for: Ac Acetyl Ac acetyl BOC tert. In the above formulas, alkyl is preferably methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl, sec-butyl or tert-butyl, furthermore also pentyl, 1- 2- or 3-methylbutyl, 1,1- 1,2- or 2,2-dimethylpropyl, 1-ethylpropyl, hexyl, 1- 2- 3- or 4-methylpentyl, 1,1- 1,2- 1,3- 2,2- 2,3- or 3,3-dimethylbutyl, 1- or 2-ethylbutyl, 1-ethylmethylpropyl, 1-ethylmethylpropyl, 1,1,2- 1,2,2-trimethylpropyl, heptyloctyl, nonyl or decyl, and also for the 3-menthyl.

Alkylen bedeutet bevorzugt Methylen, Ethylen, Propylen, Butylen, Pentylen, Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb auch Heilen. Alkylene is preferably methylene, ethylene, propylene, butylene, pentylene, in addition also cure.

Aryl ist unsubstituiertes, vorzugsweise - wie check this out - monosubsti tuiertes Phenyl, im einzelnen bevorzugt Phenyl, o- m- oder p-Methyl- phenyl oder Benzyl. Aryl is unsubstituted, preferably - as indicated - monosubsti tuiertes phenyl, in detail preferably phenyl, o- m- or p-methylphenyl or benzyl. Aminoschutzgruppe bedeutet vorzugsweise Acetyl, Propionyl, Butyryl, Phenylacetyl, Benzoyl, Toluyl, POA, Methoxycarbonyl, Ethoxycarbonyl, 2,2,2-Trichlorethoxycarbonyl, BOC, 2-Iodethoxycarbonyl, CBZ "Carbo benzoxy"4-Methoxybenzyloxycarbonyl, FMOC, Mtr oder Benzyl.

Amino protective group preferably acetyl, propionyl, butyryl, phenylacetyl, benzoyl, toluyl, POA, methoxycarbonyl, ethoxycarbonyl, 2,2,2-trichloroethoxycarbonyl, BOC, 2-iodoethoxycarbonyl, CBZ "carbo benzoxy"4-methoxybenzyloxycarbonyl, FMOC, Mtr or benzyl. Dementsprechend sind Gegenstand der Erfindung insbesondere diejeni gen Verbindungen der Formel I, in denen mindestens einer der genannten Reste eine der vorstehend angegebenen bevorzugten Bedeutungen hat. Accordingly, the invention particularly diejeni the compounds of the formula I, Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb which at least one of said radicals has one of the preferred meanings indicated above.

The compounds of formula I and also the starting materials for their preparation position are otherwise prepared by methods known per se, as described in the literature eg. As in the standard works such as Houben-Weyl, Methods of Organic Chemistry, Georg-Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart;to be precise under reaction conditions which called for the ge reactions are Psoriasis Gebet ihm and suitable.

Use can Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb make use of known per se, are not detailed here variants. The starting materials can, if desired, also be formed in situ so that they are not isolated from the reaction mixture, but immediately reacted further to give the compounds of formula I. Typical of such groups are in particular unsubstituted or substituted acyl, aryl, aralkoxymethyl or aralkyl groups.

Der Ausdruck "Acylgruppe" ist im Zusammenhang mit dem vorliegenden Verfahren in weitestem Sinne aufzufassen. The term "acyl group" is to be understood in the context of the present process in the broadest sense. It closes at from aliphatic, araliphatic, aromatic or hetero-cyclic carboxylic acids or sulfonic acids as well as acyl groups in particular alkoxycarbonyl, aryloxycarbonyl and especially aralkoxycarbonyl groups.

Bevorzugte Aminoschutzgruppen sind BOC und Mtr, ferner CBZ, Fmoc, Benzyl und Acetyl. Arylsulfonyl, such as Mtr. Preferred amino protecting groups Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb BOC and Mtr, furthermore CBZ, Fmoc, benzyl and acetyl.

Die Abspaltung der Aminoschutzgruppe gelingt - je nach der benutzten Schutzgruppe - z. The removal of the amino succeeds - depending on the protecting group used. For example using strong acids, advantageously chlorine acid with TFA or by but or also with other strong inorganic acids such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, strong organic carboxylic acids such as trichloroacetic acid or sulfonic acids such as benzene p-toluene Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb acid.

The presence of Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb additional inert solvent click the following article possible but not always necessary. Suitable inert solvents are preferably organic, for example carboxylic acids, such as vinegar, ethers such as tetrahydrofuran or dioxane, amides such as DMF, halogenated hydro-defined hydrocarbons such as dichloromethane, and also alcohols such as methanol, ethanol or isopropanol, and water.

Mixtures of click abovementioned solvents are suitable. Hydrogenolytisch entfernbare Schutzgruppen z. Hydrogenolytically source protective groups eg.

As CBZ or benzyl can be. For kriege wie die SDA Psoriasis Bewertungen nehmen bedeutest, by treatment with hydrogen in the presence of a Kata lysators z.

Alkohole wie Methanol oder Ethanol oder Amide wie DMF. Suitable solvents here are those indicated above, in particular, for. Example, alcohols such as methanol or ethanol or amides such as DMF. Eine Hydrogenolyse der CBZ-Gruppe gelingt z. Hydrogenolysis of the CBZ group succeeds z. Die Verbindungen der Formel II sind in der Regel bekannt. The compounds of formula II are generally known.

They are not known, they can be prepared Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb methods known per se. The reaction Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb the compounds of the formula II is generally carried out in an inert solvent, in the presence of an acid-binding agent, preferably an organic base such as triethylamine, dimethylaniline, pyridine or quinoline. The addition of an alkali or alkaline earth metal hydroxide, carbonate or bicarbonate or another salt of a weak acid of the alkali or alkaline earth metals, preferably of potassium, sodium, calcium or cesium.

Kohlenwasserstoffe wie Hexan Petrolether, Benzol, Toluol oder Xylol; As inert solvents are for example hydrocarbons such as hexane, petroleum ether, benzene, toluene or xylene. Esters such as ethyl acetate, water or mixtures of the solvents mentioned. Furthermore, it is possible to hydrolyze an ester of formula I.

This is suitably carried out by solvolysis or hydrogenolysis, as indicated above, z. Insbesondere kann man eine Azidogruppe z. Dimethylpyrazolformamidinium Nitrat, in eine Guanidinogruppe umwan deln. In particular can be an azido group, for. Example, by hydrogenolysis, as indicated above, to convert into an amino Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb or an amino group umwan spindles by reaction with an amidinating agent such. As Dimethylpyrazolformamidinium nitrate, in a guanidino group.

Die Umwandlung einer Cyangruppe in eine Amidinogruppe erfolgt durch Umsetzung Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb Psoriasis Meersalz und. The conversion of a cyano group into an amidino group by reaction with, for. Example, hydroxylamine and subsequent reduction of the N-hydroxyamidine with Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb in the presence of a catalyst such as.

Further, it is possible to replace a conventional amino by hydrogen by the protecting group, as described, by solvolysis or cleaved hydrogenolytically above or in that a protected by a conventional Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb group amino group by solvolysis or hydrogenolysis. A base of the formula I can be converted with an acid addition salt into the corresponding acid, for example by reacting equi valent amounts of the base and the acid in an inert solvent such as ethanol and subsequent evaporation.

Particularly suitable acids are those which yield physiologically acceptable salts for this reaction. Thus inorganic acids can be used, eg. Salts with physiologically unacceptable acids, for.

On the other hand, an acid of the formula I are converted salts by reaction with a base into one of its physiologically acceptable metal or ammonium. Als Salze kommen dabei Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb die Natrium- Kalium- Magnesium- Calcium- und Ammoniumsalze in Betracht, ferner substituierte Ammoniumsalze, z.

Salze mit Arginin oder Lysin. Possible salts here are in particular the sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and ammonium salts, and also substituted ammonium salts, eg. As the dimethyl, diethyl or diisopropyl-ammonium salts, diethanol- or diisopropyl propylammoniumsalze, cyclohexyl- dicyclohexylammonium, di salts, furthermore, for. The compounds of formula I contain one or more chiral centers and can therefore exist in racemic or in optically active form.

Racemates obtained can be Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb mecha nically or chemically into the enantiomers by conventional methods. Vorzugsweise werden aus dem racemischen Gemisch durch Umsetzung mit einem optisch aktiven Trennmittel Diastereomere gebildet.

Preferably, from the racemic mixture by reaction with an active resolving agent diastereomers formed.

Als Trennmittel eignen sich z. Suitable resolving agents are, for. Vorteilhaft ist auch eine Enantiomerentrennung mit Hilfe Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb mit einem optisch aktiven Trennmittel z. Of course it is also possible to obtain optically active compounds of formula I according to the methods described above by using starting materials from which are already optically active. Tabelle I Table I. The results of the cell adhesion test for some representative Connectivity ments of the formula I are summarized in the following Table II.

Tabelle II Table II. Cell Scienceerhalten wurden, sowie die gemessenen FAB- Werte der Substanzen. Als Vergleichsmatrixprotein diente Vitronectin As a comparison matrix protein vitronectin served. The pharmacological data prove the antagonistic activity of the compounds of the invention of Waagen für Psoriasis I for the adhesion of tumor cells to tissue.

Suitable excipients Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb organic or inorganic substances in question, which are suitable for enteral eg. For oral appli cation particular, tablets, pills, dragees, capsules, Pul ver, granules, syrups, juices or Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb, for rectal application Sup positorien, for parenteral administration solutions, preferably oily or aqueous solutions, furthermore suspensions, emulsions or Implants, for topical application are ointments, creams or powders.

The novel compounds can also be lyophilised and the resultant lyophilisates used, for example, be used for the production of injection preparations. For administration as an inhalation spray, sprays can who the holding the active compound either dissolved or suspended in a propellant gas or propellant gas mixture eg.

Appropriately use the active ingredient in micronized form, wherein one or more additional physiologically acceptable solvents may be present, eg. Inhalation solutions can be administered with the Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb of conventional inhalers. The Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb of formula I and their physiologically acceptable salts can be used as integrin inhibitors in the control of diseases, in particular of pathologically angiogenic diseases, thromboses, cardiac click, coronary heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, tumors, osteoporosis, inflammations and infections.

The substances according to the invention is usually in Ana nology to other known commercially available peptides, but particu particular administered in analogy to the Ver described in US Patent No. The daily Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb is preferably between about 0. The specific dose for each patient depends on a variety of factors on the rate at example of the effectiveness of the specific compound employed, the age, body weight, general health, sex, on the diet, on the administration time and route of excretion, drug combination and severity of Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb particular disorder to which the therapy applies.

Die parenterale Applikation ist bevorzugt. Parenteral administration is preferred. In the following examples, 2 mit Schuppenflechte Menschen SDA für Verwendung working up" means: Sexuelle Köpfe solution of 2. S [4- 6-Azidohexyloxy phenyl] N-tert-butoxycarbonylamino-propionate. A solution of 1. S camphorsulfonamido [4- 4-azidobutoxy phenyl propionate.

S camphorsulfonamido [4- 4-aminobutoxy phenyl] - propionic acid. S camphorsulfonamido [4- 4-guanidinobutoxy phenyl] - propionic acid, FAB th. Analogously to Example 4 is obtained by hydrogenation of 0. Removal of the BOC group click at this page to Example 2 S amino [4- 4-guanidinobutoxy phenyl] propionic acid, FAB th.

A solution of 0. The solution is then neutralized with TFA, concentrated and the return was in 2 mL of Können grünen Sie in Psoriasis Tee trinken was added.

After stirring for 2 hours at Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb temperature is worked up as usual. After removal of the medium solution, the residue is dissolved in 10 ml of dioxane and treated with 0. A solution of S butylsulfonamido [4- 4-azidobutoxy phenyl] - propionate and 1.

Analogously to Example 4 is obtained by reduction of S N-methyl-butyl sulfone amido [4- 4-aminobutoxy phenyl] propionic acid and by reaction with DPFN analogously to Example 5 S N-methyl-butylsulfonamido [4- 4- guanidinobutoxy phenyl] propionic acid, FAB th.

Analogously to Example 1, starting from Menthyloxycarbonylamino propionate by reaction with 1,4-dibromobutane S [4- 4-bromobutoxy phenyl] Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb acid menthyloxycarbonylamino. After customary working up, 1. S Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb 4-Cyanbutoxy phenyl] N-tert-butyloxycarbonyl- propionic acid benzyl ester. Analogously to Example 2 and Example 3, from 1.

S Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb [4- 4-Cyanbutoxy phenyl] propionic acid benzyl Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb. S [4- 5-aminoN-hydroxylimino-pentyloxy phenyl] N-tert-butyloxycarbonyl-propionic acid benzyl ester. After separating Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb catalyst, the usual workup and purification by preparative HPLC analogously to Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb 5, 0.

S [4- 4-Amidinobutoxy phenyl] N-tert-butyloxycarbonyl propionic acid, FAB for sale. Analogously to Example 7, reaction of 0. Analogously Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb Example 8 obtained from 0. Analogously to Example 5, reaction of 0. S butylsulfonamido [4- 5- 5-phenyl-1,2,4-oxadiazol pentyloxy - phenyl] -propionic acid [obtainable by reaction of S butyl sulfonamido [4- 6-aminoN-hydroxylimino-hexyloxy phenyl-propionic acid with 1. After removal click at this page the catalyst and customary working up, S butylsulfonamido [4- 5-Amidinopentyl oxy phenyl] propionic acid, FAB th.

Die nachfolgenden Beispiele betreffen pharmazeutische Zubereitungen: The following examples relate to pharmaceutical preparations: A Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb of g of a compound of formula I and 5 Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb of disodium hydrogen phosphate are double-distilled water adjusted to 3 l with Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb hydrochloric acid to pH 6.

Each injection vial contains 5 mg of active ingredient. Melting a mixture of 20 g of an active ingredient of the formula I with g of soya lecithin and g of cocoa butter, poured into molds and allowed to cool. Each suppository contains 20 mg of active ingredient. A solution is prepared from 1 g of an active ingredient of the formula I, 9.

It is adjusted to pH 6. This solution can be used in the form of eye drops. Man mischt mg eines Wirkstoffes der Formel I mit 99,5 g Vaseline unter und für Psoriasis Cremes Bewertungen Salben Bedingungen. Mixing mg of an active ingredient of the formula I are mixed with A mixture of 1 kg of active ingredient of the formula I, 4 kg of lactose, 1.

Analogously to Example E, tablets are pressed which are then coated in a customary manner with Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb coating of sucrose, potato starch, talc, tragacanth and dye.

A solution of 1 kg of Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb ingredient of the formula I in 60 l of bidistilled water is sterile filtered, transferred into ampoules, lyophilized under sterile condi and aseptically sealed. Each ampoule contains 10 Psoriasis mit Rettich of active ingredient.

Dissolve 14 g of compound of formula I in 10 l of isotonic NaCl solution and the solution is filled into commercially available spray containers with a pump mechanism. The solution can be sprayed into the mouth or nose. One spray shot about 0. Also disclosed are the physiologically tolerable salts of these compounds. The compounds and salts thereof can be used as alpha v-integrin inhibitors, in particular for treating tumours, osteoporoses, osteolytic disorders and for suppressing angiogenesis.

After removal of the catalyst and customary working up, S butylsulfonamido [4- 5-Amidinopentyl oxy phenyl] propionic acid, FAB th Die nachfolgenden Beispiele betreffen pharmazeutische Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb Beispiel D example D Salbe ointment Man mischt mg eines Wirkstoffes der Formel I mit 99,5 g Vaseline unter aseptischen Bedingungen. Verbindungen der Formel I worin 1.

Second enantiomers or Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb of the compounds of formula according to Claim first. Compounds of formula I this web page to Claim 1 and their physiologically acceptable salts as integrin inhibitors for porous controlling pathologically angiogenic disorders, thromboses, cardiac infarction, coronary heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, tumors, Osteo, inflammations and infections.

Heteroaryl, heterocyclic and aryl compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA Fused ring heteroaryl and heterocyclic compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA Pyrimidinyl sulfonamide compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA Basically substituted benzyl derivatives,acid salts thereof and process for the production thereof.

Carboxylic acid derivatives, medicaments comprising these compounds, their use and processes for their production. Substituted 1-phenyl-oxazolidinone derivatives, their preparation and their use as adhesion-receptor antagonists.

Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb

Equus Total Return, engl. Lass dem Zitronensaft Nicotinsäure in Psoriasis Farb Zeit, fuer nur 5 Tage, kan Damit steht erstmals eine orale Medikatio Autoimmunerkrankungen werden durch bestimmte Immunzellen. Early lesions are very cellular with few vascular channels; mitotic figures and mast cells may be prominent. Manchmal ist die Haut an den betroffenen Stellen auch trocken und schuppt ab.

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